Dienstag, 7. April 2015

Queen Gray - Review

I've got a new circle lenses review, for you guys!

These beautiful circle lenses are sponsored by Pinkicon!
They provide over 300 different lenses, the customer service is very friendly and I can highly recommended this shop.

So let's start with the review, I hope you guys enjoy it! :3

Information about the circle lenses:
Market Price: $43.00 
Our Price: $25.07 
 Diameter: 14.20mm 
Water Content: 45% 
Base Curve: 8.6mm 
Package: 2 Bottles 
Life Span: Yearly 
 Country of origin: Korea 
Color: Gray

The package with my circle lenses, inside.


My natural eye colour.

My eye with the circle lens in.

The pros ( + )  and cons ( - )
+ You don't feel these lenses in your eyes, it's easy to put them in and out and they are also really comfortable too!
+  I think they are perfect for my eyes, because they are identical to my natural eye colour. ( Except the shaded lines, but the combination looks great as well. ^.^ ) 
+ The shaded lines made my eyes look bigger and the yellow/brown spots are like my own around my pupil.
+ I can really recommend these circle lenses for people with the same eye colour as me!

- I don't really know if they fit with darker eyes too. ( but when you guys test it, I would like to know it. ♡ )

Overall I really like these circle lenses, thanks a lot Pinkicon!

I hope you guys enjoyed my review.