Montag, 16. März 2015

Today i've something delicious for you guys! 

It's Japanese Candy time!
Did you guys know that i love candy? 

So i bought some super cute and delicious candy from Japan.
The shop is called Oyatsu cafe. 

This is the packet with my Japanese Candy. ^.^

 The first candy pack!

Happy Nikukyu - Cassis ( Big)
This candy looks like little puppy and kitten paws, the paws are yellow and they taste like grapes.
( 40g )
( $2,49 )

The second candy pack!

Kajyu Strawberry Gummy
 This candy looks like little strawberrys and they are red.
Guess what! They taste like strawberrys too. ^.^
( $1,99 )

The third candy pack!
Fettuccine - Strawberry & Cherry
This candy looks like small stripes and they are light orange.
They taste like cherry and strawberry. 
( $1,99 )

The fourth candy pack!

 Pokemon Combo Flavor Gummy 
This candy looks like little stones or ( pokemon eggs. ^.^ )
There are three different colours and flavors, the purple eggs tastes like strawberry, the light red eggs like mango and the yellow eggs like pear.
( $1,99 )

The fifth candy pack!  

Russian Roulette Gum - Grape
This candy looks like little balls and they are rose. 
It's bubble gum that tastes like grape.
( very sour ) 
( $0,99 )

I hope you like my little review about Japanese Candy.

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