Freitag, 13. März 2015

Hiiii Guys, i's been a while, but i want to show you something new! 

Here is my little figures collection :3

This is Tohka Yatogami from Date a Live she was my first figure and i bought her on Amazon for 43€.


My second figure was Erio Touwa from Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko i bought her on Amazon as well and she costs 79€. ( really expensive, but it's worth it. :3 )

The third figure is Miss Fortune from my favorite game League of Legends. You can get her in the Riot Games shop, she costs 25€.


I'm always so excited when i get a new packet. ^.^
Next month i will get another figure, so my little collection is getting bigger and bigger.  

By the way, next week i will post my review.

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